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I Want to Bolster Our Public Education

Colorado schools are underfunded, and teachers are grossly underpaid – in fact Colorado is one of the worst states for school funding.


I am dedicated to fighting for our students and teachers and building a Colorado where everyone has the resources to succeed.


Every child deserves a high-quality public education in their local community. I will work to invest in public education, increase teacher pay, and support teachers' unions.


I am opposed to out-of-state donors attempting to eradicate public education through the guise of ‘education reform,’ and I won’t take a single cent from these dark money groups. 

We Only Have One Planet, and It Needs Our Help

It is time we stop debating whether climate change is real it is here, and we must act now.


We must hold our top air polluters accountable and invest in electric public transportation.


We must also address the impacts of climate change, which are particularly difficult on our low-income communities and communities of color.


I will fight to advance green jobs that are well-paid and ensure no worker is left behind during the transition.

Education Funding
Climate Change



Every individual has a right to decide what to do with their bodies. Colorado needs strong leaders who will do whatever it takes to make sure abortion remains safe, legal, and accessible to all.

I will support advancing a constitutional amendment that codifies the Reproductive Health Equity Act.


Health care coverage should be expanded to cover all aspects vital to a person’s health, including abortion, birth control, and pregnancy support.

Reproductive Rights.jpeg
Every Woman Deserves the Right to Choose
Reproductive Rights




For All

Affordable Housing
Healthcare For All
We Need to Fight for Affordable Housing Solutions

The lack of affordable housing is a crisis in Colorado, but it is particularly an issue in Northern Colorado.


In the Poudre School District, one out of every 27 students is experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity – this is unacceptable. 


I will work to increase tenants’ rights, make the senior property tax exemption permanent, and give options for first-time home buyers trying to break into the housing market. Every Coloradoan should have access to attainable and affordable housing.

No one should go bankrupt because they got sick

Healthcare is a right for all Coloradoans whether it be primary care, mental health, dental care, reproductive health, specialty care, prescriptions, or substance abuse treatment.


When making difficult healthcare decisions, finances should not be the deciding factor.

Colorado should adopt a single payer system to expand the availability of services and care providers



Criminal Justice


Living Wage
Criminal Justice Reform
I Stand with Workers; the
Wage Gap is Unsustainable.

Any person who works 40 hours a week should be able to make ends meat. Unfortunately, our current system favors the wealthy, and the working class are often left behind.


I will stand with our workers in supporting additional job protections, a living wage, and collective bargaining rights. I will put people over profits, every time.

Our Criminal Justice System is Broken

Our criminal justice system and the private prison industry are unjustly designed to target black and brown communities. There is much work to be done to reform this system.


I support ending for-profit prisons, eliminating cash bail, reducing excessive court fines, restoring voting rights for people who are incarcerated, and increasing diversion programs for non-violent offenders.


We must address the root causes of crime, and we can do so by building safe and healthy communities where people have their basic needs met. 

Immigrants and


My parents were able to move to this country and attain the American dream. However, being an immigrant in this country has become increasingly difficult.


As a first generation Iranian American, I am a strong supporter of our immigrants and refugees. Citizenship status is too often a barrier to healthcare, employment, and seeking legal defense.


I support ending ICE-cooperation at the state and local levels as well as giving undocumented Coloradans access to healthcare.


It is time we move forward legislation that treats all people with dignity and make Colorado a welcoming place where the American Dream is attainable for immigrants and refugees.

We Need a Clear Path to
Achieve Citizenship
Immigrants and Refugees

Gun Violence



Tax Code

Gun Violence Prevention
Fair Tax Code
Gun Violence.jpeg
Our Kids Shouldn't be Afraid to go to School

Gun violence is a leading cause of premature death in the United States. Parents worry about whether their kids are safe in school, our underpaid teachers are now tasked with protecting their classroom from gun violence, and our kid are subject to active shooter drills. 


Colorado has led the nation in passing some great common-sense gun violence prevention legislation, but there is still more work to do.


I support banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and implementing waiting periods. These measures will save lives. Colorado can continue to provide an example to the nation that common-sense gun legislation works.

tax code.jpeg
Everyone Should Pay Their Fair Share

Much of the legislation we need to push to make a better Colorado must contend with the fact that the State needs money to make this legislation a reality. TABOR has significantly harmed our ability to properly fund our state.


I will use my tax law background to end tax loopholes used by the wealthy and corporations so that we may fund policies that make Colorado a better, more equitable place for all Coloradans.


I also support a progressive tax code so that everyone is paying their fair share. Ultimately, we must work together to repeal TABOR so the legislature can proactively respond to the concerns of Coloradans.



I am an unwavering ally of our LGBTQIA community.


Our kids need to feel safe being their authentic selves, especially in school. I will work to make sure gender affirming care is accessible and encourage cultural competency among health care providers.


I will ensure that members of our LGBTQ community are at the table to make sure that any bill I carry is inclusive

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Our Trans Youth Are
Under Attack
LGBTQIA+ Community
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